Panasonic TZ60/ZS40 – a super travel compact with 30x zoom and EVF


zs40-1The Panasonic TZ60 is offering something for everyone, with features that will satisfy those taking anything from travel to family shots. The huge 30x zoom capability coupled with the improved image stabilisation provides a good quality and usable focal range that works well when capturing landscapes, portraits and more.

AF speeds are improved. However, in some, but not all instances there can be a bit of a delay between focus and shutter firing.

Connectivity options are straightforward and easy to use, with the ability to control your camera remotely from your Smartphone coming in as a definite bonus.

Most importantly of course, image quality is great. The TZ60 produces nice, vibrant images that look great directly from the camera, and with the option to capture raw files as well, this gives great creative control to those wanting a little more from their images.
30x optical zoom coupled with the excellent image stabilisation makes this a versatile travel compact that suits most situations. The electronic viewfinder is also a tremendous addition that makes it easier to shoot in the bright, sunny conditions that a travel camera will often be bought to capture.


The TZ60 and it is an excellent camera as a result. It has options that will appeal to novices as well as more experienced photographers, along with features that make it a versatile camera that’s ideal for taking on trips either for business or pleasure.

The camera’s huge zoom range provides a focal length range that many SLR photographers would wish for, making it ideal for shooting a wide range of subjects, from interiors to landscape and portraits to distant details. In addition, the viewfinder is a major bonus, making it easier to compose images in some situations.



November 2014
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