Samsung NX500 with high-end insides and 4K video


The NX500 incorporates tons of the latest technology from the company crammed into a compact package designed for people who want to step up from a point-and-shoot to better photo quality and speed.

samsung nx500

It’s on the expensive side given that it doesn’t have a viewfinder — $800, ÂŁ600 and AU$1,000 for the kit with the 16-50mm f3.5-5.6 power zoom lens — though it’s a better deal relative to the competition in the UK and Australia than in the US. It’s due out around the world in March.

Samsung has crammed most of the high-end components from the NX1 into the NX500’s body: same sensor, same DRIMe V image processor, same hybrid phase-detection/contrast autofocus sensor, and almost the same 4K recording capabilities (it can’t stream 4K over HDMI and has no mic input). As a result, it should perform quite well. Though it can’t match the NX1 on continuous-shooting speed, 9 frames per second is nothing to sneeze at (caveat: I don’t know if that’s with autofocus).

Samsung has redesigned the right side of the camera with a more substantial grip, a power zoom switch and two adjustment dials — one on top and one in front.

The design is updated as well. Rather than an articulated display, it uses a flip-up LCD like the NX300M, because selfies. It also has a more substantial grip, a physical autoexposure lock button, two adjustment dials — one on top and one on the back — and a zoom switch to use in conjunction with power zoom lenses like the one that comes in the kit. The record button has also been relocated on an angled ledge above the thumb grip.

The mode dial now includes Samsung’s SAS (Samsung Auto Shot) mode, which uses motion detection in addition to tracking autofocus in order to predict the “right” moment to capture in a burst.

It will come in the same two-tone silver and leatherette options as the NX300, black, white or brown.



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