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    Google acquires Synergyse

    Google has acquired Synergyse, a Toronto-based interactive training service for Google Apps for Work that was launched by a group of former Google employees in 2013. As part of this acquisition, Google will make Synergyse Training for Google Apps available for free to all Google Apps customers. The company did not disclose the financial terms…

  • apple emp
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    Apple employee found dead – Suicide !

    The Apple employee found dead at the company’s California headquarters committed suicide, dying of a self-inflicted gunshot to the head, police said on Thursday. The victim, who was found on Wednesday deceased in a conference room at Apple’s campus in Silicon Valley, was identified as 25-year-old Edward Thomas Mackowiak of Santa Clara, California. “The Medical…

  • canon_me20f-sh_20150730_hires_me20fsh_3qlens_copy_cropped
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    Canon ME20F-SH Camera – Sees in the Dark!

    Canon just announced the ME20F-SH, a full-frame 35mm camera with the ability to reach an astonishing 4,000,000 ISO. The new 1080p camera is aimed at a number of different markets, including nighttime surveillance/security, cinema, reality TV, and nature/wildlife documentaries, just to name a few, and it comes with a positive-locking EF mount and features Canon…

  • pebble-time-daylight
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    Pebble Time with huge improvement

    All smartwatches owe a debt to Pebble; the startup, in its previous life, was building smartwatches for BlackBerry devices back when people still used those. The Pebble Time is the second-generation Pebble hardware released by the company, and it starts shipping out. Pebble Time is a huge improvement on the original. Basics 1.25-inch color e-paper…

  • lg n

    New Windows Phone from LG

    We have been hearing a lot about an upcoming Windows Phone device from LG and according to a previous account, it should go on sale at Verizon on May 21. The device was listed for preorder on Verizon’s website. The handset is named LG Lancet and runs on Windows Phone 8.1. Specswise, the phone is…

  • data usage
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    Ways to minimize your data usage!

    Unless you’re still rocking an unlimited data plan, you probably know the basics of data management — no streaming, online gaming or downloading large apps when you’re not hooked up to Wi-Fi. But what if you’re being conservative with your data usage and still bumping up against your monthly limits? Here are three ways to…

  • food

    Samsung RH29H9000SR – Food Showcase fridge!

    Samsung’s Food Showcase fridge looks terrific and offers quick, easy access to items stored in the door. The main shelves inside the refrigerator held steady, accurate temperatures throughout all of our tests. The Food Showcase door’s novelty wears off fast, and like other door-in-door designs, it leads to warmer temperatures than you’d like throughout all…

  • apple watch

    The Solid Apple Watch

    The Apple Watch is a beautifully constructed, compact smartwatch. It’s feature-packed, with solid fitness software, hundreds of apps, and the ability to send and receive calls via an iPhone. Battery barely lasts a day and recharge time is slow; most models and configurations cost more than they should; requires an iPhone 5 or later to…

  • archos

    The Stylish Archos 50 Diamond

    The Archos 50 Diamond is the company’s flagship phone at the helm of its portfolio. Its highlights include the 5″ 1080p IPS LCD on the front, the 16MP camera on the back and the 64-bit Snapdragon 615 chipset and 2GB of RAM inside. The 50 Diamond also boasts dual SIM abilities out of the box…

  • subaru

    The 2015 Subaru BRZ

    The 2015 Subaru BRZ is one of the best driver’s cars. Its ride is extremely responsive and the Boxer engine feels like a good match for the lightweight chassis. The cabin features excellent ergonomics. The standard touchscreen navigation system is disappointing, with slow map rendering and an underwhelming audio system. The 2015 Subaru BRZ is…


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