• nikond810

    Nikon D810A for astrophotography!

    Given the huge interest in astrophotography these days — The only current model from a major manufacturer thus far has been the Canon 60Da, and it’s a few years old. Now Nikon has modified its flagship D810 the same way, with an IR cut filter, to optimize it for astrophotography. Most image sensors are highly…

  • samsung nx500

    Samsung NX500 with high-end insides and 4K video

    The NX500 incorporates tons of the latest technology from the company crammed into a compact package designed for people who want to step up from a point-and-shoot to better photo quality and speed. It’s on the expensive side given that it doesn’t have a viewfinder — $800, ÂŁ600 and AU$1,000 for the kit with the…

    Panasonic’s update to its entry-level interchangeable-lens camera, the Lumix GF6, incorporates most of the newer tech that’s in the tiny GM5. This year’s GF7 should have better performance and a more streamlined design. The primary kit is priced at $600, ÂŁ430, or AU$700 and should be available in February in the US and Australia, and…

    The Sony Alpha 6000 is the best all-around option in its class. Sony improves the autofocus system, image quality, and design, and delivers a great burst rate for the money. Coupled with the compact — compared to a dSLR — design and excellent feature set, there’s a lot to like about the Alpha 6000. While…

  • gopro4

    GoPro Hero4 an awesome Action Camera

    The GoPro Hero4 Silver records video at up to 4K at 15fps, a more useful 2.7K resolution at 30fps, and perhaps most importantly 1080p at 60fps and 720p at 120fps. The GoPro Hero4 Silver produces some great video for an action cam. Its abundant resolution and frame-rate options will satisfy beginners and experienced shooters. The…

    The E-M10 is a solid Micro Four Thirds camera that sits at the bottom of Olympus’ higher end OM-D line; the line includes more advanced features, like an electronic viewfinder and tilting display, than the more compact PEN cameras. It’s both designed and priced more for enthusiasts than the always-auto crowd, but with both a…


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